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Legal assistance for personal injury in the Netherlands

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Injured in an accident during work, in traffic or any other situation? We offer free legal assistance & advice

Free legal assistance in the Netherlands

Did you have an accident in the Netherlands? Did you or someone you know get injured? We can help!

Fidelis offers its legal assistance entirely free of charge. The Dutch law states that any of our legal fees are a part of your damages. As soon as the opposing insurance company admits responsibility for your accident, Fidelis will take care of acquiring the compensation you deserve. Our office’s invoice goes straight to the opposing insurance company, which they will have to pay. That way you won’t ever have to pay us anything for our legal assistance.

As soon as we take your case, our personal injury lawyer will visit you at a location of your preference within the Netherlands. We can help you in both English and Dutch.

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Across the border

Do you live outside the Netherlands but did you have an accident while visiting or working here? We can still offer our assistance. The principle of lex loci delicti applies to you, which means that the law of the place where the accident happened will be applied. Since Dutch law states that our kind of legal assistance is free of charge for the victim, you won’t have to pay us anything at all.

A visit by our attorney could be possible depending on the severity of your injury. Of course we can always visit you if you are (still) in the Netherlands. Otherwise we are happy to provide our services by phone or e-mail as well.

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  1. During an intake by phone, Fidelis will be able to tell you whether or not you are eligible for compensation. If you are, we will take your case.
  2. Our personal injury lawyer will visit you anywhere in the Netherlands to get acquainted with you and your case.
  3. Together we create an overview of your injury and other damage. After that, Fidelis will attempt to acquire the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible.

That is our approach.

We would love to tell you more about it. Contact us on +31 592 76 91 37 or by using our contact form below and we will be happy to assist you any way we can.

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Do you want any advice on your case or just want to ask a question? Feel free to contact us on +31 592 76 91 37 or by using our contact form below.



About Fidelis

Fidelis is Latin for ‘loyal, honest and trustworthy. These are some of the most important values of Fidelis Letselschade and our complete team. Our clients have top priority and you can count on the utmost personal approach and professional assistance we can offer. Gentle for our clients, strong and righteous against the opposition.

Who is our expert?

Fidelis Letselschade has more than 25 years of experience in determining personal injury damage and conducting investigations of, amongst others, traffic and work accidents. Dick obtained his experience and knowlegde by working for both insurance companies, insurance brokers and personal injury offices. Being educated in labour law and expertise, he has the ability of making the right choises for his clients during the duration of your case.

That our experts has obtained experience by working for insurance companies is one of the biggest advantages you will have as a client . They know how these companies think and operate. Because of that he is very capable of getting the best out of your personal injury case.

Professional medical and legal advice

Medical advice
Fidelis co-operates with a medical consultancy office. This consultancy office distinghuishes itself from other offices because of their large pool of medical advisors. They have acces to a multitude of doctors and specialists with their own specialization. You can be sure that your case will be reviewed by someone who has extensive knowlegde about your kind of injury.

Juridical advice
In some cases we need a judge to decide about how much financial compensation you get or if the opposing side is responsible for your injury. Especially for those cases, we have a very experienced and specialized attorney to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Even if it means we have to take the matter into court. We like to remind you that you don’t ever have to pay anything for any assistance we provide.

For Fidelis you are not just a number or file. You are the most important and we care about that you get what you deserve. You just focus on the recovery, we handle the rest.

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